Kelly Landworks has extensive experience in residential and commercial demolition and site work as well as complete demolition services in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. We handle everything from site grading to whole structure demolition and take pride in finishing our projects safely and on schedule. We look forward to handling your land clearing and demolition project needs.

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Kelly Landworks is one of the best demolition companies currently serving Jacksonville, Florida who will handle all of your residential and commercial demolition needs – from site prep to debris removal and everything in between. We have our own dump trucks and other heavy equipment to haul everything from crushed asphalt to fill dirt and more.

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The professionals at Kelly Landworks are a site work and demolition company offering dump truck services and more based in Jacksonville, FL and serving the Jacksonville area as well as northeast Florida, and southern Georgia areas. We are fully licensed and insured to offer both residential demolition services as well as commercial building demolition services. Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals is able to offer a wide range of services to our customers. We also follow all of the recommended safety guidelines set by local, state, and federal guidelines to keep your worksite safe.


If you’re looking to remove existing structures from the property you’ve owned or a new property safely and in a cost effective way, you need a trusted demolition company who can remove those structures to make way for your new vision.

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We offers a variety of quality demolition services to home and business owners for any type of structure removal. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation today. We’ll talk with you about your demolition project and needs so we can provide you with an accurate estimate for exactly what site work you need to be completed. Your budget and timeline are important to us, so we want to be sure both of those things are communicated clearly so we can meet and exceed your expectations.

We do several things during the commercial and residential demolition process to ensure your job is completed in the safest and most efficient way possible:

  • Site Survey and Preparation – we’ll come out to take a look at the existing structures and buildings on the site to determine the best way to remove them. After a review of the structural integrity and determining the square footage of the structures that will be removed, we’ll look at the materials used in the structures to be demolished, the foundation and area surrounding the structure.
  • Removing Materials – as part of the demolition process, we will remove the debris from the structures, building, and organic materials and dispose of them in a safe and professional manner.
  • Safety – we look at the safest way to demolish the buildings and structures on your property while keeping everyone on the site safe while using heavy equipment and dealing with hazardous substances like asbestos.

Our services include removal of the demolition-related debris from the job site and taking it to a landfill to be properly disposed of. We will also take care of obtaining all necessary permits to complete the necessary demolition work at the job site. Property owners are responsible for ensuring utilities like electricity and water have been shut off prior to any demolition Jacksonville services beginning.

Site Work Services

After our team is done with demolition, the site work begins. We will remove existing structures and buildings on your land and remove the debris. Then we will begin preparing the site for new construction and landscaping.

We will come out to do a site visit so we can give you an accurate estimate before beginning your project. During the site visit, we’ll discuss your budget and plans for the site to be sure we meet and exceed all of your needs.

Having quality site work will make the rebuilding on your property go much more smoothly. Properly clearing the property, grading, being mindful of the soil erosion, and excavation are all important parts of the site work process. A solid foundation is what you’ll be left with when we’re done with your site.

Choosing a Site Work and Demolition Company

We’re the best choice for your dump truck services and demolition needs for your construction project because we have years of experience to complete your project safely and on time. We know how to handle hazardous materials and debris and waste removal.

Our business is fully licensed and insured to handle all the work we perform throughout Jacksonville, FL in addition to the rest of Florida and southeast Georgia. We also follow all of the recommended safety guidelines set by local, state, and federal guidelines to keep your worksite safe.

When reaching out to demolition companies to hire for your upcoming project, be sure you’re asking them to do a site visit to provide an accurate quote for the work, references from past clients, and information regarding the company’s licenses and insurance. Having the same information from each prospective company to see which will be the best fit for your needs.

Deconstruction Versus Demolition

As you’re looking for demolition companies to help clear and prep your site, deciding if the buildings on your property need to be deconstructed or demolished is a decision you’ll need to make for your commercial buildings, mobile home, and other residential buildings.

House demolition is the best choice if you’re looking to completely remove buildings and structures from your property using heavy equipment. This process usually takes several days to remove large structures before removing the debris.

Deconstruction services are a more labor-intensive process because the dismantling is done by hand to salvage more of the materials on site. This may be done if there are things that are valuable or historical in nature so they can be removed safely to be reused in a future project or sold. Not all demolition contractors offer deconstruction as well as demolition.

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