Do you want to expand your backyard or build a new road? Do you need to clear space for a patio? You will need to clear your land of unwanted plants. Forestry mulching is an affordable and effective way to clear land. Kelly Landworks offers the best forestry mulching services. We can have your land cleared in no time. We offer eco-friendly services that will improve your property.

Our team provides mulching services for customers in Florida and Southeast Georgia. From trees and stumps to vines and brush, we can clear your site. We use forest mulching equipment that can quickly clear any property. Forest mulching is ideal for a wide range of land clearing projects.

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Do you need land cleared of trees and plants? The underbrush offers plenty of desirable vegetation and food sources for fungus, invasive plant species, and insects including:

Multiflora rose
Pine beetles

These invasive species can lead to poor ground conditions. That makes it hard for native wildlife to live in the area and present hazards to people as well.

Forestry mulching is one of the most effective and affordable processes to clear land. We use modern forestry mulching equipment that can quickly clear your property of trees, brush, plants, and debris. This one machine takes the place of bulldozers, excavators, and haulers. We can have your property cleared in no time.

Forestry Mulching Machines

Our mulching machine will grind trees and plants down. It clears brush, dead and rotten trees, and plants. The debris is converted into mulched material that can be used later for landscaping. The process is affordable, eco-friendly, and less intrusive than other land clearing methods. Our team can quickly clear any piece of land.


Mulching offers benefits over other land clearing methods. It is cheaper, eco-friendly, and protects your land.

We use one machine and one operator during clearing. This makes the service quick and affordable. Processing leaves and other vegetation in place leaves the soil structure intact, is fast and non-intrusive, with limited disturbance to any natural habitat. No burning or digging is done during the process, which is why it’s commonly used for construction site preparation. Your land will be ready in no time.

Proactive mulching protects against fire and the spread of invasive plants. When left on your property, the brush serves as fuel sources for fire, and the thick layer of vegetation increases the heat intensity of summer heat, ultimately creating fire ladders.

It is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to clear any land. Traditional land clearing methods require more extensive equipment, like wood chippers, grinders, rotary cutters, tree shears, and a mulching attachment. Depending on the extent of what needs to be cleared, and the property size, forestry mulching is an acceptable alternative. Since it requires less equipment, it’s ideal in tight areas where other machines may not fit.

How Our Tree Services Work

Clearing unwanted plants is a great way to reduce the risk of forest fires. Dead tree limbs, plants, and overgrowth are prone to fires and could quickly become a danger to your home. Our services will reduce this risk to mulch. The mulching process also eliminates invasive species from your property and will help promote the healthy growth of your trees and plants.


Forestry mulching can be used to clear any land. Its affordability makes it great for home and business owners. From expanding a backyard to building a new road, we are ready for the job. Our team is the best forest clearing service. We are available for service in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Residential Forestry Mulcher Services

Kelly Landworks offers professional forestry mulching services for private landowners. We can make your land clearing project quick and easy. Our services are ideal for any homeowner who needs their land cleared. From new home additions to landscaping services, we’re here to help.

Brush Removal
Invasive Species Control
Real Estate Improvement
Fire Prevention
Right of Way Clearing
Fence Line Clearing
Road and Trail Cleaning

Commercial Forestry Mulcher Services

We provide the best forestry mulching for businesses. Our team offers services in Florida and Southeast Georgia. From overgrown lawns to slope clearing, we’re ready for the job. If you are planning the construction of a new park, golf course, or sports field, we have the expertise for the job.

Property Maintenance
Golf Course Maintenance
Viewshed Clearing
Pond and Riverbank Maintenance
Fence Line Clearing
Steep Slope Clearing
Fire Breaks

Municipal Forestry Mulchers Services

Let our team help you keep your town clean. We are available for town and city contracts in Florida. We can help you improve your town today. Our services are eco-friendly and affordable. We provide forest and land clearing services that can fight invasive species and protect your landscape. Let our team expand or upgrade your local parks and trails. We offer a wide range of services for our local towns.

Right of Way Clearing
Park and Campground Clearing
Recreational Park Clearing
Wildfire Prevention
Invasive Species Removal


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Forestry mulching is a great way to clear land. We can quickly remove trees, plants, and debris from your property. Our services are fast and affordable. Mulching is safe and eco-friendly. Want to learn more about our forestry mulching services? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. Kelly Landworks has decades of experience. We are a team of forestry mulching contractors. Based in Jacksonville, we provide services for customers in Florida and Southeast Georgia. We are ready for your land clearing project today.

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